Weekly Hair Blowouts 

Hair is the best accessory for any woman. It can dress up or down any outfit. It can be styled for a flirty look or a chic “don’t mess with me” look. Syled hair always adds a nice touch to any outfit.

My hair routine is pretty simple; I get a weekly blowout.

I love getting a blowout for five main reasons:

Time is money
I am extremely busy juggling a full-time career, taking care of a husband, two Alaskan Klee Kai’s, managing a household, and keeping up with my blog! I love everything I do and enjoy keeping busy, but I understand that the only way I can do so much is to maximize my time efficiently. I am a full Armenian with a head of curly thick hair that takes hours to wash and style. I have been working to minimize the time spent on my hair routine for years. I first started getting a Brazilian Blowout 6 years ago, which helps reduce the frizz and saves me some time, but that wasn’t enough. So then I trained my hair to produce less oil by washing it only once a week. At that point I was only spending a couple hours washing and styling my hair per week. I still felt spending 2 hours on my hair was a waste of my time. I could better utilize those couple hours doing work and spending time with my family. I then decided I would leave my hair styling to the professionals. I found a hair stylist that I love who washes and styles my hair every Friday. I am in and out of the salon within 35 minutes. I am even able to do work on my phone if needed because I am just relaxing in the chair sipping on a glass of wine. Now that is an efficient use of time. Remember time is money!

Healthy hair
It is extremely hard to maintain healthy hair. Heat from styling tools, dehydration from daily washing, and damages from environmental exposure, such as the sun and pollution, can all take a toll on beautiful hair. Ever since I started getting my weekly blowouts my hair is healthier and growing longer faster. It always looks and feels smooth, silky and bouncy. I give this credit to my stylist using great products and her styling my hair primarily with a blow dryer with barely touching the flat iron.

Less heat = happy hair!

No more hair products
I no longer need to spend money on buying hair products! No more shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, heat protecting serum. The only two products I keep on hand are hair spray and dry shampoo. That is it! Instead of spending money on hair products, I just spend it on getting it washed professionally.

Someone else curls my hair
I have never been good at curling my hair. The curls on my left side always turn out different than the curls on right side. I find myself going over the curls so many times that it just falls straight. I become frustrated and will end up straightening my hair. I now have my hair curled professional every week! It looks amazing and lasts for days. Once the curls fall out I will lightly run a flat iron through my hair and wear it straight.

Weekly “me” time 
The time spent at the salon, albeit short, is bliss. My stylist is great; she knows I work all day and spends extra time massaging my head while washing it. I am able to close my eyes and relax which is just what I need at the end of the week. I leave feeling refreshed, beautiful and ready for the weekend!

This Friday I decided to get my hair styled straight. My husband and I have a banquet dinner to attend and straight smooth hair was the look I am going for.

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