Review: JORD wood watches

Accessories are very important when styling an outfit. What you wear on your wrist is just as important as what bag you carry. My go to accessories for any outfit is a great wrist watch. When purchasing a watch I look to find a style that is unique and one that will match with several different types of outfit so I can wear the watch as much as possible. JORD wood watches are the perfect wrist watch that balances unique and everyday styles.
JORD wood watches are made entirely from wood. The brand has 13 wood types to choose from in 4 series for women and 7 series for men. JORD watches use swiss movement technology for accurate time telling ability.
I chose the women’s FRANKIE 35 series in dark sandalwood & slate.
This watch is great for so many reasons. It is lightweight so you can barely feel it on. Your wrist will not be sore at the end of the day unlike wearing a heavy metal watch. The colors compliment a wide variety of outfits. The wood is darker which will match with both lighter and darker colors and the face is a beautiful gray tone with rose metal details.
The JORD FRANKIE 35 Series watch gets two thumbs up from me. It a sleek design with unique details that is sure to look good on all wrists. I have added a link below to my specific watch.
JORD wood watch giveaway– Click this link to enter into a JORD wood watch contest for a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site. One winner will be chosen, but everyone who enters will receive a $25 code once the contest ends!! All you need to enter is your first name, email address and your favorite JORD watch.

Photo Credit: Ellie Koleen– Ellie Koleen photography

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