Summer Cool

Summer is finally here! Bring on the scorching heat and pool days. With the turn of the season it is time to change our closet wardrobe. Summer is such a fun season to dress for. You can choose to keep cool in shorts, skirts, distressed denim or light summer dresses. I usually opt for skirts or dresses as they are more comfortable in 100+ degree weather.


Pajamas- Street Style 

Pajama dressing was a trend seen in Spring 2016, but amazingly enough the trend is not going anywhere. It will continue into Fall 2017 with many more options: slip dresses, silky sets, velvet bottoms, and fur robes. This trend is sure to be the coziest of all.

Work Mode

Work attire is a big part of any women’s closet. Working professionals need to plan their business outfits on a daily basis, stay at home mothers need to dress up for parent-teacher conferences and other professional school functions, and full-time bloggers need to dress up for brand and sponsor meetings. Regardless your full-time career, it is vital for all women to have profressional work attire in their closet.